Medical and Dental Malpractice


Wynne Law Firm has successfully represented individuals in the Bay Area and throughout California who have been injured as a result of medical and dental malpractice.

Malpractice is an action or a failure to act by a physician, nurse, specialist or other medical or dental professional that negatively affects your health. It occurs when that action or inaction was not consistent with the normal standards of care provided by comparable health professionals.

If your physician or hospital acted in a way that was not consistent with normal standards, you may have a legitimate case. Some of the primary types of medical malpractice occur when:

  • A patient is misdiagnosed
  • A doctor fails to notice an important symptom or recognize a serious illness
  • The wrong treatment, medication or post-operative care is prescribed
  • Surgical injuries or errors in anesthesia delivery occur
  • There is failure to obtain informed consent, or treatment exceeds the scope of informed consent

In California, the statute of limitations for a malpractice claim is just three years from the date of injury or one year from the date of discovery of the injury, whichever occurs first. However there are two major exceptions to this rule:

  • For case involving children under age six, the malpractice action must be filed within three years of the date the injury occurred, or before the minor’s eighth birthday, whichever period is greater.
  • In cases where the hospital is owned or operated by a county or local administrative agency, a claim must be filed within six months of the birth, death, or negligent act, and such claims are a prerequisite for any claim in court. As such, the failure to file an administrative claim within six months of an incident requires the court to dismiss the lawsuit.

If you have concerns about medical or dental treatment you or a loved one has received, or suspect you or they have been victims of malpractice, call our expert attorneys at Wynne Law Firm immediately, because the time you have left to legally file a complaint may already be counting down.

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